The Core Playlist – Week Of 7/20/15

Thursday, July 30th, 2015

Segment 1:  

Basketcase – Green Day

Pepper – Butthole Surfers

Core Data/News:

Can’t Change Me – Chris Cornell

Return To The Core With Meltdown:

Wherever I May Roam – Metallica

Artist Evolution:

Last Resort – Papa Roach

Gravity – Papa Roach (w/Martina Brink)

Jeremy – Pearl Jam

Ball and Chain – Social Distortion

Return To The Core With Meltdown:

Comedown – Bush

Youth Of The Nation – P.O.D.

Drive – Incubus

Segment 4:

Shimmer – Fuel

Damn That River – Alice In Chains

Core Sample:

All Mixed Up – 311

In Bloom – Nirvana

Return To The Core With Meltdown:

I’m The Man – Anthrax

Killing In The Name – Rage Against The Machine

Core Artist Profile With Scott Weiland:

Sex Type Thing – Stone Temple Pilots

Guilty – Gravity Kills

American Woman – Lenny Kravitz

Dope Hat – Marilyn Manson

Ain’t It Fun – Guns N Roses

Soul To Squeeze – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Close With Request:

High and Dry – Radiohead