The Core Top 50 of 1993

Place Artist Song Album
1 Collective Soul Shine Hints Allegations & Things…
2 Nirvana Heart-Shaped Box In Utero
3 Nirvana All Apologies In Utero
4 Candlebox Far Behind Candelbox
5 Tool Sober Undertow
6 Pearl Jam Daughter Vs.
7 Meat Puppets Backwater Too High Too Die
8 Pearl Jam Animal Vs.
9 Alice in Chains No Excuses Jar of Flies
10 Smashing Pumpkins Today Siamese Dream
11 Beck Loser Mellow Gold
12 Pearl Jam Elderly Woman Behind the…. Vs.
13 Cracker Low Kerosene Hat
14 Green Day Basket Case Dookie
15 Radiohead Creep Pablo Honey
16 Smashing Pumpkins Cherub Rock Siamese Dream
17 Primus My Name is Mudd Pork Soda
18 Pearl Jam Go Vs.
19 Green Day When I Come Around Dookie
20 Green Day Welcome to Paradise Dookie
21 Tool Prison Sex Undertow
22 Candlebox You Candelbox
23 Smashing Pumpkins Disarm Siamese Dream
24 Green Day Longview Dookie
25 Alice in Chains I Stay Away Jar of Flies
26 Counting Crows Mr. Jones August and Everything…
27 Candlebox Cover Me Candelbox
28 Porno For Pyros Pets Porno For Pyros
29 Pearl Jam Dissident Vs.
30 King’s X Dogman Dogman
31 Lenny Kravitz Are You Gonna Go My Way Are You Gonna Go My Way
32 Urge Overkill Sister Havana Saturation
33 Alice in Chains What The Hell Have I Last Action Hero
34 Type O-Negative Christian Woman Bloody Kisses
35 Nirvana Dumb In Utero
36 Prong Snap Your Fingers… Cleansing
37 The Cranberries Linger Everybody’s Doing It…
38 Nirvana Rape Me In Utero
39 I Mother Earth Rain Will fall Dig
40 Collective Soul Breathe Hints Allegations & Things…
41 Type O-Negative Black #1 Bloody Kisses
42 Candlebox Change Candelbox
43 Guns ‘N Roses Ain’t it Fun The Spaghetti Incident
44 Megadeth 99 Ways to Die Bevis & Butthead Experience
45 Lenny Kravitz Believe Are You Gonna Go My Way
46 U2 Stay (Forever So Close) Zooropa
47 Paw Jessie Dragline
48 Primus Mr. Krinkle Pork Soda
49 Anthrax Sound of White Noise Only
50 Goo Goo Dolls Fallin’ Down Superstar Car Wash

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