Meltdown is a guy who is on the radio. He rides a Harley and watches hockey and NASCAR. He only owns American cars and wishes he was Jennifer Aniston’s right hand…!

But we’ll let him tell you a few more things, in his own words!

I was bit by the radio bug at the age of 17. While working the grave yard shift, I heard a radio DJ that was so bad, I immediately thought to myself, “I could do that!” He inspired me. I hope I inspire people too, just not in the same way! The anonymity of being behind the microphone, using an alias and people not knowing who you are is something that still enthralls me to this day.

At 19, I got my foot in the door and started doing weekends at WUFX The Fox, in my hometown of Buffalo, N.Y.. In 6 years I worked my way up to afternoon drive until the station changed owners and I was off looking for my next challenge.

While watching the O.J. Simpson trial on TV, I received a call from WRIF program director, Doug Podell. He said “How would you like to come to Detroit?”. So I made my way from the corn fields of Western New York to the Motor City. A perfect fit for a Big 3 loving car nut, rock n roll kid. Starting as over night host, then 7 – midnight to where I am now, afternoon drive….17 years later.