The Core’s Top 50 Songs of 1996

Place Artist Song Album
1 Tool Forty Six & 2 Ænima
2 Soundgarden Burden In My Hand Down On the Up Side
3 Alice In Chains No Excuses (Acoustic) Unplugged
4 Stone Temple Pilots Trippin On a Hole… Tiny Music…
5 Metallica King Nothing Load
6 Soundgarden Blow Up the Outside World Down On the Up Side
7 Staind Mudshovel Tormented
8 Alice In Chains Over Now (Acoustic) Unplugged
9 Smashing Pumpkins Zero This Airplane Flies High
10 Rage Against The Machine Bulls on Parade Evil Empire
11 Alice In Chains Nutshell (Acoustic) Unplugged
12 Metallica Hero of the Day Load
13 Sponge Have You Seen Mary Wax Ecstatic
14 Stone Temple Pilots Big Bang Baby Tiny Music…
15 Red Hot Chili Peppers Love Rollercoaster Bevis & Butthead Do America
16 Tool Stinkfist Ænima
17 Tonic Open Up Your Eyes Lemon Parade
18 Marilyn Manson The Beautiful People Antichrist Superstar
19 The Wallflowers One Headlight Bringing Down The House
20 Sublime Santeria Sublime
21 Tonic If You Could Only See Lemon Parade
22 Sponge Wax Ecstatic Wax Ecstatic
23 Tool H. Ænima
24 Sublime What I Got Sublime
25 Metallica Until It Sleeps Load
26 Metallica Ain’t My Bitch Load
27 Tool Ænima Ænima
28 Local H Bound For the Floor As Good As Dead
29 Stone Temple Pilots Tumble In the Rough Tiny Music…
30 Soundgarden Pretty Noose Down On the Up Side
31 Cake The Distance Fashion Nugget
32 Stone Temple Pilots Lady Picture Show Tiny Music…
33 Beck Where It’s At Odelay
34 Beck Devil’s Haircut Odelay
35 Social Distortion I Was Wrong White Light/White Heat/White Trash
36 Stabbing Westward What Do I Have to Do? Wither Blister Burn & Peel
37 Pearl Jam Hail Hail No Code
38 The Verve Pipe Freshmen Villians
39 Rage Against The Machine People of the Sun Evil Empire
40 Goo Goo Dolls Long Way Down Twister (Soundtrack)
41 Pearl Jam Who You Are No Code
42 Type O-Negative Cinnamon Girl October Rust
43 Pantera Suicide Note The Great Southern Trendkill
44 King’s X Sometime Ear Candy
45 Nirvana Aneurysm From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah
46 Butthole Surffers Pepper Electric Larryland
47 Bush Greedy Fly Razorblade Suitcase
48 Weezer The Good Life Pinkerton
49 Gravity Kills Guilty Gravity Kills
50 Screaming Trees All I Know Dust

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